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Review: Gamers' Quest by George Ivanoff

I started reading Gamers' Quest on Saturday while waiting for something, but because it was a short wait, I only got to chapter three. Thanks to two tram trips and a hankering to find out what happened, I finished it today!

Gamers' Quest is a zippingly entertaining YA novel. The lead characters, Tark and Zyra, inhabit a world that is a crazy mishmash of magic, technomagic and technology. They are thieves where the goal is to make as much gold as they can so they can visit Designers Paradise, for as long as they can afford. In Paradise, they can go to school, eat ice cream.

It's not rocket science to come to the swift conclusion that Tark and Zyra live in gaming world, but the fun comes in when the layers of reality and game pile up. There are enemies in all shapes and sizes, chases and explosions, and a lot of snappy, entertaining dialogue.

The main thing I enjoyed about this book was the characterisation of Tark and Zyra. It would be so easy to make them 2D people in their constructed world, but there is an energy and sweetness to them and their relationship which I found charming.

Apparently there will be more stories featuring them at the the Gamers' Quest website, so I'll be going back there in a week or two to find them. I want to see what these two kids get up to!

The book will be officially released in October 09, so if you've got a youngster on your hands who you want to distract from actual online gaming for a while, this could be the book to do it.