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I feel ridiculously cheered by Patrick Stump saying in an interview that FOB hasn't broken up, they're really just on a break. Which he has said before, I know, but ... Maybe him saying it now his EP is out seems more hopeful. I still miss my band. :/

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Listen to Vermillion

Distracting myself from all the social and physical convulsions our world is putting people through at present...

If you would like to try out a new band, listen to Vermillion's two songs on JJJ Unearthed. If you like what you hear, visit their website, A Band Called Vermillion, to check out their upcoming gigs. Their multi-talented drummer, Nathan, drew the artwork.

They have an acoustic gig on this Friday at Chaise Lounge in Queen Street, Melbourne, if you're interested.

Celebrations and new beginnings

Hey folks. I know I've been mostly absent for a while, but rest assured - while you might be struggling to remember who I am, I do read my LJ and keep up with all of you.

I'm about to go to Canberra for a few days to spend Xmas with a good 80% of my family! My youngest brother and his family moved to Canberra from Canada, so it will my first ever Xmas with them as a whole family. My eldest brother and my mum live in Canberra too. And my second eldest bro is coming down from Brisbane with his wife and his son who, for complicated family reasons, I've never met. He's 17 and I'm excited to be meeting him outside of Facebook!

It's been an interesting and challenging year too, in a number of ways. So I'm hoping I'll remember to bring the things I've learned to the new challenges of 2011.

So - have a wonderful break, however you celebrate it ( or not celebrate it). Spend time with people you love and I hope 2011 brings more of what you need and cherish.

And remember - you are all awesome!!

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Extra! Extra!

Had a great time yesterday being an extra for the new ABC series Outland! You can see pics of the day, including my tv-girlfriend-for-the-day chameleongirl79  in this album. Today I am exhausted and sunburnt, but delighted to have been part of it.

At the end of the day, I got a call letting me know I'd succeeded in getting a job as an editor of training manuals - a stable, word related full time job for a year, which will engage enough of my brain to be stimulating, but leave enough creative energy for working on my fiction. Colour me happy!


Hi folks - sorry I've been so quiet lately. I went to WA for ten days, but mainly I've been focused on trying to get full time work and it's been a complete swallower-of-time. I bumped into the delightful Merri yesterday and hugged her SO HARD I was afraid I'd crack her ribs, but it's been ages since I've seen anyone - my own fault I know - and I fear you all think I don't love you any more. But I do love you, with lots of missing-you love right now.

I have to go back to job applications now, but I thought I'd just let yuou all know that tomorrow is the filming of the faux Gay Pride March for Outland. :) A couple of you have already said you'll come if y ou can, but if anyone else  out there is free all day tomorrow to come to Catani Gardens in Queensland, you can all be extras for the tv show!!

You can find out all the details (of what to wear, and what NOT to wear) and so forth on the facebook page. I'll be wearing my Magdalene corset and sunblock! I hope to see you there!

Tim and I were listening to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" the other day. This is the conversation that ensued:

Tim: I didn't realise Cher had ambitions to be a genius in physics and engineering so she could build a time machine.
Me: You'd think, though, if she was going to go through all that effort, she'd do something more useful with it than try not to be bitchy to her old boyfriend.
Tim: You mean, kill Hitler or Stalin?
Me: Something like that. If I was going to build a time machine, I'd definitely be trying to use it for greater good.
Tim: Doesn't really scan though, does it? "If I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I would destroy the two greatest evils of the 20th century and try to prevent the Holocaust and the Stalinist purges."
Me: I guess not. And then, you know, I might go all Tom Baker's Doctor and wonder if I had the *right* to destroy the Daleks... although...
Tim: Nah. It's Stalin and Hitler we're talking about here.
Me: God yes. I'd be all "Do I have the right" and then I'd think about it and think, "Screw it, it's worth a try".

In our household, pop songs should never be taken at face value.


I have spoken about John Richards' tv series, Outland, that is currently in production at the ABC. This is the one that originated with the short film about a group of gay SF fans, in which I appeared a few years ago!

Anyway, the series needs to recreate a crowd scene at a Pride March for one episode, and they're putting a call out for a folks to come along and be part of the TV magic.  Details thus far:
Fake Pride Rally!
For ABC TV's Outland!
Friday 26th November!

Email your details to outlandpride@gmail.com and we will keep you informed!
I'll certainly be there (unless I miraculously get a job before then) - very possibly wearing my Wolf House shirt. If you'd like to take part, drop them a line and keep up to date and hopefully I'll see you there!!

Vermillion supporting Lydia in November

Have any of you heard of the US band Lydia? They're touring in November - and Vermillion is one of their support acts! YAY JESS'S BAND.

Vermillion played at Revolver last night, the first time I'd seen them perform live with the new drummer, Nathan. They sounded fabulous, and got through to the semi finals for the Melbourne Fresh competition for unsigned Melbourne bands. Unfortunately, their set got bumped back to 11pm (from 10pm) and of course started a little later, so I could stay for the whole set - I had a tram to catch. :(

Thanks to digitalsprawl  and chameleongirl79  who also came along to see them play. And who entertained me with text messages when it was waaaay too loud to talk to each other, especially with snark about some of the very odd bands that were playing...
I need to find out some info for Tim for an article he is writing shortly. I know that bandom has had furries popping up in film clips (hi there Cobra Starship!). I believe furries have appeared on an episode of Bones as well - does anyone have details of which episode and what the plotline was?

Any other egs of furries in popular culture would also be terrific.

Thanks guys!


I still have some tickets for Vermillion's show at Revolver on Tuesday 26th October - they are $10 each from me.

The band has been coming on in leaps and bounds, and now has a drummer, so it promises to be a MOST EXCELLENT set. They have other gigs coming up, including a Beyond Blue fundraiser and possibly supporting a US band that's coming out, though I don't know if I'm allowed to tell anyone about that yet. :)

If you want a ticket, let me know here, you can Paypal the money to narrelle@iwriter.com.au and I'll post it to you!


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